Technical Skills
JavaScript & jQuery
Node.js & Express.js
React.js & Redux
MySQL & Sequelize
Client & Server-Side APIs
MongoDB & Mongoose
Redis cache & Trie autocomplete
AWS Lambda & DynamoDB
AUTH0, Postman, JSON
Agile/Kanban Methodologies
Work Experience

May 2020 - Present

Software Engineer (Project Lead)

• Built a UI analytics dashboard and internal automation tool for InsightRX's event capture service. Led the team and created a web app to manage the event capture data, providing a tool for registering/tracking new events and analytics visualization UI with tables/charts. Included: full-stack app, optimisation, debugging, new features.
• As Project Lead, led the team by implementing agile/kanban methodologies, assigning tasks, running regular scrums, attending weekly sprints with client head engineers and team, and creating/presenting product demos.
• Created authentication using passportjs, built database for storing user credentials using MongoDB, helped build backend and set up/test API calls, used Redis cache and Trie autocomplete, converted app to React, created functional components and custom hooks, implemented Redux for state management, retrieved data by API calls and and implemented DFS graph traversal to dynamically generate tables/charts analytics from JSON config. Migrated app to Serverless framework using AWS Lambda and DynamoDB.

Tech: JS, Node, React, Redux, Express, Redis, auth0, passport, MongoDB, JSON, Axios, Trie, AWS, DynamoDB

April - May 2020

American Honda Autos
Software Engineer

• Provided an enhanced, non-intrusive experience on the Honda Autos site by geolocating users upon landing, while optimising page download and server-side performance. This involved implementing Global Geolocation to be applied sitewide for zip code retrieval, with a map display using Bing Maps API, and session cookies.
• Zip code location was geolocated and dynamically displayed on the global navigation and map. This involved using asynchronous Vanilla JavaScript and server-side APIs and re-populating the map based on zip code inputs. Helped create server-side API and used async/await, fetch, JSON and HTTP GET/POST requests on the backend to set up API calls for zip code retrieval and re-populating the map based on zip code inputs; created Regex validation for US zip codes with 5 numbers. Used session cookies to store users’ zipcode for improved UX.

Tech: Vanilla JS, Axios, Node, Express, JSON, http GET/POST requests, Bing Maps API, Regex, session cookies

January 2018 - Present

Prodege, LLC
Digital Marketing Manager

• Developed growth and retention strategies that led to 42%+ increase in revenue and 40% activation rates YoY.
• Reported directly to SVP of Global Markets. Forecasted annual/quarterly budgets, developed growth strategies, measured ROI, oversaw departmental goals, and worked closely with our developers and data scientist teams.
• Built and A/B tested retention and winback emails, as well as automated responsive email drip campaigns for onboarding on desktop and mobile (using HTML, CSS, SQL,), increasing activation rates and RPU by 40%.
• Managed UA campaigns (DOI, Co-reg, PPC, CPA, SEO, Referral) across multiple digital channels (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads) and affiliate partners, that led to a 40% increase in MAUs in multiple verticals.
• Presented weekly/quarterly Revenue & UA Dashboards on KPIs, revenue growth, pain-points, and strategies.

Tech: SQL, JavaScript (Pixel), HTML, CSS, JIRA, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Excel, Qlikview, Adobe Suite

UCLA Extension Certificate
Full-Stack Software Engineer

University of California, Los Angeles

Full-stack: JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Auth0/User Authentication, Redis, MySQL, Heroku, MongoDB, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, and more.

Doctor of Philosophy
PhD in Digital Archaeology (Fully-Funded)

University of Southampton, UK

Archaeology, Digital Humanities, ArcGIS, Q-GIS, Agisoft Metashape, Photogrammetry, Social Networks
Master of Science
MSc in Anthropology (4.0 GPA)

University of Southampton, UK

Bachelor of Art
BA in Anthropology

University of Southampton, UK


Hi! I am Carmen Obied.

I am a Full-Stack Software Engineer & Digital Marketing Manager in Los Angeles, CA, with 5 years of experience in product optimisation and growth to scale brands and apps globally. I hold a PhD and years of experience in management, research and data analysis. I am a full-stack software engineer from UCLA-Extension.

I am an adept problem-solver with fluency in 5 languages, further accenting proven ability to communicate with versatile and expert authority. Positioned to offer unique perspectives as a full-stack developer, leveraging background in digital marketing and research. Passionate about technological and scientific innovation. Learn More

Personal Info
Downtown Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Fluent Languages:
English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian
JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, SQL, NoSQL, REST API, JSON, AUTH0, CSS, HTML, GIT
ArchaeoCoders Founder:
ArchaeoCoders: Coding for Archaeology. Projects, meetups, webinars, workshops.
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Downtown Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.